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No employee should ever feel unsafe or suffer discrimination at work.

“I will help you understand how the law protects you.”Discrimination Harassment Employee Rights Retaliation Whistle blower, unpaid wages

Discrimination, Harassment, Unpaid Wages, Work Injuries, Whistleblower, Employment Contracts, Non-compete, Relocations, Retaliation, Drug Testing, Unsafe work environments, These are ALL issues protected by LAW in the United States.

No employee should feel unsafe or suffer Discrimination,  Harassment, Intimidation, violation of Contract Agreement or injury at work. Ask attorney Healy now about Employee Rights ask attorney Healy about your rights now. 401-721-2260

Discrimination Harassment Employee Rights Retaliation Whistle blower, unpaid wages

Whistle blowing & Retaliation 
General Information about Whistle blowing and Retaliation
Filing a Whistleblower Claim,
Blowing the Whistle  401-721-2260

  “As both an attorney at law and a proctor admiralty, I am able to serve a broad range of clients.” Construction workers, Longshore and Ship workers, Nurses, aides and health care workers, Psychological injury claims, Undocumented workers, Warehouse, factory, industrial, office workers and Professionals, Employment contracts.

Discrimination Harassment Employee Rights Retaliation Whistle blower, unpaid wages

Discrimination: 401-721-2260
Proving Discrimination, Filing a Discrimination Claim, Retaliation for a Discrimination Claim, , Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Gender Identity Discrimination, Immigration Status Discrimination, Family Responsibilities Discrimination, National Origin Discrimination, Pay or Compensation Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, Sex / Gender Discrimination, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Genetic Information Discrimination in the Workplace, Discrimination Harassment

Discrimination Harassment Employee Rights Retaliation Whistle blower, unpaid wages

Harassment &
Other Workplace Problems
Sexual Harassment

Legal Standards, Sexual Harassment Application of the Law: Is This Sexual Harassment? Sexual Harassment Practical Strategies: How Do I Deal with Sexual Harassment?, Racial Harassment, Filing a Harassment Claim, Employer Policies

Discrimination Harassment Employee Rights Retaliation Whistle blower, unpaid wagesUnpaid Wages
Wage & Hour Problems
Child Labor Laws, Commissions,
Deductions From Pay, Final Pay, Minimum Wage, Overtime Exemptions,
Overtime Pay, Unpaid Wages, Work Time,Filing a Wage and Hour Claim

Drug Testing / Medical Marijuana – RI Law may protect you from illegal employer ordered Drug Tests 401-721-2260

Health & Safety/Workplace Injuries 401-721-2260
Workplace Health and Safety Protections, Workplace Health and Safety – State Laws, General Information About Workers’ Compensation, Who is Covered By Workers’ Compensation?, Workers’ Compensation Benefits, What To Do If You Are Injured At Work, Filing A Workers Compensation Claim in Your State, Retaliation: Workers’ Compensation


Discrimination Harassment Employee Rights Retaliation Whistle blower, unpaid wagesWorkforce Regulations and Safety >LABOR STANDARDS



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Thorough Preparation Is Critical

  “Through my more than 30 years of practicing law, I, attorney Bernard P. Healy, have found that the key to success is thorough case preparation. Even though most cases are resolved before trial, I prepare each case as though it will be decided in a courtroom. This in-depth and thoughtful preparation allows me to craft convincing cases during negotiation, and to be fully prepared to argue in front of a jury if that becomes necessary. This has led to many significant results for my clients, including the largest workers’ compensation settlement in Rhode Island history.”

   “I have compelled insurers to pay many times their offer and three times their policy limits”


Insurance law is  a large part of an injury or employment claim.  Attorney Healy has the background and experience. After working for a large insurance defense firm, He decided that it was time to turn the tables and start helping employees — to start protecting your rights.

“I am passionate about fighting back for my clients.”

Receive Direct, Personal Attention From a Lawyer

    “I work tirelessly for all of my clients, and I will personally handle your case from start to finish. Your case is important, so you deserve to have it directly handled by an experienced attorney. I handle all of the legal work for your case, and you will never be passed off to a less experienced attorney or a paralegal.”

    “I will help you understand how the law protects you.”

Contact a Rhode Island Attorney Who Will Fight for Your Rights 401-721-2260

To arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Providence employment rights attorney, call The Law Office of Bernard P. Healy at 401-721-2260 or fill out this online form.

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