About Attorney Healy

"I make my clients my first priority.”

Attorney Healy worked in jewelry factories and as an iron worker while in college and Law school. After working as a partner for a large insurance defense firm, he started a solo practice to protect your rights.

Bernard Healy 401-721-2260

"As both an attorney at law and a proctor admiralty, I am able to serve a broad range of clients.” Construction workers, Longshore and Ship workers, Nurses, aides and health care workers, Psychological injury claims, Undocumented workers, Warehouse, factory and industrial workers, Employment contracts.

YOU are attorney Healy's first priority. You will always meet directly with him. He will walk you through all of your legal options.  Attorney Healy will tell you how the Law works for you.

Insurance companies  are not your friend. They are looking for ways to: A. delay payment B. deny valid claims C. offer unfair settlements. 

Few cases reach a Courtroom BUT  Insurance Companies know attorney Healy is ready to fight all the way to Trial if necessary. Attorney Healy’s approach to injury cases is aggressive and effective. 401-721-2260 When you are hurt or injured, discriminated against or harassed, If your rights have been violated or when you have a car, motorcycle, pedestrian, truck accident in Rhode Island you need a lawyer to get fair, just, legal compensation. 401-721-2260 

“I want you as a client for life.” “As both an attorney at law and a proctor admiralty, I am able to serve a broad range of clients.”
"I started a Solo Practice Law Firm to protect YOUR rights"

Definition: Personal Injury is physical injury inflicted on a person's body, as opposed to damage to property or reputation.

Definition: Employment or Labor mediates the relationship between workers (employees), employers, trade unions and the government. Collective labor law relates to the tripartite relationship between employee, employer and union.

Definition: Workers' compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence. 

My Fees in motor vehicle or personal injuries cases, attorney Healy is paid out of the recovery and only if successful in winning your case or obtaining compensation for you. This is an contingency fee. When attorney Healy represent you in a motor vehicle or personal injuries claim he is paid out of the settlement proceeds or if he wins your case in court. In addition, most medical costs are paid out of the proceeds of your case.

My Fees in Workers Compensation cases You do not pay for legal representation in a Workers Compensation case. In Workers Compensation cases, attorney Healy’s fees for active representation are paid by the insurer. You will never be billed for that representation. If your workers compensation case is settled, that settlement will have to be approved by a Judge of the Workers Compensation Court. Attorney Healy then might be awarded a portion of the settlement as a fee. That portion is usually 20% of the settlement.

Attorney Healy graduated from Suffolk Law School Cum Laude.