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Largest workers’ compensation settlement in Rhode Island History .You do not pay for legal representation in a Workers’ Compensation case. “I have has forced insurers to pay many times their BEST offer and up to three times their policy limits”


You do not pay for legal representation
in a Workers Compensation case. 

“I represented workers filing initial
claims for lost wages to
appealing denial of benefits.
I appear in Workers Compensation Court
representing working people

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Traumatic brain injuries TBI, Injuries to joints, Repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel, Respiratory injuries, Silicosis, Back and neck injuries, herniated discs, Acute injuries to shoulders and knees, ligament tears and strains, Non-traumatic occupational injuries, Post Traumatic Stress,  PTSD


If you were hurt at work, you should be compensated for:

1. All of the medical costs related to your injury
2. Your weekly benefits as well as payment for scarring and loss of use
3. Your employer is also responsible for your rehabilitation and reinstatement.

NOTE: You do not pay for legal representation in a Workers Compensation case. 


Workers Employee Rights Discrimination Whistle blower Injury Hurt Help Rhode Island Legal Help

  • Reasonable medical bills have to be paid, AND you have to be paid for scarring even if you did not miss any time from work.
  • You may be required to be examined by a Doctor of your employer’s insurance company’s choosing
  • You are entitled to use an attorney
  • You should never sign anything without first consulting your attorney.
  • Legal fees are usually paid by the insurance company or your employer.
  • Never use the Doctor your employer suggests. USE YOUR OWN DOCTOR
  • You are entitled to weekly compensation checks of 75% of your adjusted weekly net pay.
  • You may be able to be reinstated to your old job.
  • You should ONLY talk to your Lawyer about your case.  401-721-2260
Workers Compensation Employee Rights Discrimination Whistle blower Injury Hurt Help Rhode Island Legal Help

“The insurance companies are not your friends.” Your employer may become your adversary. When you face issues related to workplace discrimination or injury, making a claim for lost wages to appealing a denied claim to appearing before the Workers Compensation Commission-

Equality Clients Care Treatment Case Results Award legal questions lawyer attorney legal answers injury hurt claim case complaint“After working for a large insurance defense firm, I decided that it was time to turn the tables and start helping employees- to start protecting your rights”
401-721-2260 Start protecting your rights today.

Workers Compensation Employee Rights Discrimination Whistle blower Injury Hurt Help Rhode Island Legal Help

Your employer’s insurance company wants to deny your claim.
Do not discuss your Workers’ Compensation case with your employer,
their legal representative or their insurance company.
*And see your own doctor*
Tell them to call your lawyer at 401-721-2260


  1. Individuals and Union Representatives should Report the injury immediately to your supervisor or union representative.
  2. Fill out all forms required by your employer and be clear about what happened.
  3. Get immediate medical treatment FROM YOUR OWN Doctor.
  4. You are entitled to benefits if you miss work for 3 or more days.
  5. It is your employer’s responsibility to report your injury to the Insurance Company.
Discrimination Harassment Employee Rights Retaliation Whistle blower, unpaid wages

Get copies of all documents from:
1. Your Employer
2. Their insurance company/Department of Labor and Training
3. Your OWN Doctor

In Workers Compensation cases, attorney Healy’s fees for active representation are paid by the insurer. You will never be billed for that representation. If your workers compensation case is settled, that settlement will have to be approved by a Judge of the Workers Compensation Court. Attorney Healy then might be awarded a portion of the settlement as a fee. His fee is usually 20% of the settlement.


Workforce Regulations and Safety >LABOR STANDARDS



Workers Compensation Employee Rights Discrimination Whistle blower Injury Hurt Help Rhode Island Legal Help

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Your choice of lawyer is extremely important when you are injured by someone’s negligence or  workplace discrimination or injury. Having practiced law for more than 30 years, I, attorney Bernard P. Healy, serve as the knowledgeable and trusted advocate that you need in these difficult situations.

I will fight to protect your rights and to make certain that your employer or large insurance companies do not take advantage of you. To discuss your case with an accomplished Rhode Island attorney, schedule a free initial consultation by calling my office at 401-721-2260 or contacting me online.

An Experienced Attorney With You Every Step of the Way

I pride myself on providing my clients with the personal attention that they need when they encounter tough legal matters. All of my clients are walked step by step through all of their legal options, and I provide them with guidance through all stages of their cases.

“I have compelled insurers to pay many times their offer and three times their policy limits.”

Thorough preparation is the cornerstone of my practice, and I prepare each and every case as though it will go to trial. This approach has led to many successes such as when I was able to obtain the largest workers’ compensation settlement in Rhode Island history for an injured client.

I apply this same approach to all of my clients’ cases, whether the legal matter is involving personal injury,workers’ compensation, employment law.

“I am passionate about fighting back for my clients.”

Contact a Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you need someone who will fight to protect your rights, look no further than The Law Office of Bernard P. Healy. To arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Providence employment law attorney, call my office at 401-721-2260 or fill out this online form.

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